Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We've Been Pollinated

The culprit: Georgia Pines.

Not sure that I have ever had this much pollen covering my windshield. Much wiper action and spray to get ready to go.

Look at that nasty cloud. ICK!! I had a yellow-green sheen to my skin by the time I made it to the safety of my car.

Went in to work during the day today for skills day and to make next month's schedule. Love the view from the top of our parking deck!

Small STEPS...been taking the stairs more, adding one flight at a time.

My breakfast was a banana, mango, spinach and protein powder shake. Love love love my new bag from old navy! I have a slight obsession with all things BIRD related. I have a great hooters joke that my friends have heard at least 1 to many times. I feel compelled to tell it every time I wear my owl nightshirt.

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