Monday, May 19, 2014


This little Facebook post just warmed my heart.  My best friend was so sweet to do this and made me tear up first thing in the morning.  For my 30th I had a nice and relaxing day planned and it turned out perfectly.  Clay and I took Lily and Killer first thing in the morning and went for a bike ride/walk with dad.  We got home showered up and ran to Subway to get sandwiches for our picnic lunch.  Some afternoon showers were rolling in when we headed toward Noah's Ark, luckily they blew in and out on the drive and just cooled the temp off a little.
The day could not have been better for roaming around the animal habitats.  I was so excited about this place, we have been talking about going for a long time and just finally made it.  The entry is free but we made a donation and bought a few souvenirs.  The animals seem so comfortable, unlike the feeling I got when we went to the Atlanta Zoo.  We wandered around and really took our time looking at, ducks with babies, Geese with goslings, a baby bear, peacocks, emu, ostrich, a wolf, a baboon, goats, pot-bellied pig, and some I am forgetting at the moment.
The facility was very clean and well maintained, and there were lots of volunteers working.  Some volunteers assisted with parking, a few were telling guests tidbits about the animals as people walked by the habitats, and some worked the store inside.  For souvenirs, Clay got me a beautiful ostrich egg which is sitting on our mantle now at home and a cute T-shirt of BLT.  We didn't get to see BLT, they were all sleeping this visit so we will definitely have to go back to see them. 

This peacock was squawking up in the tree, we had been wondering what was making the noise and finally realized this fella was up there.

Look at that adorable baby bear!!
We had a non-intended wildlife sighting of a big black snake climbing up this tree and then noticed the eggs inside that must have attracted the snake.
That evening Clay and I met mom and Sarah for sushi dinner in Macon.  I got some really cute colored bulbs for the awning of our new RV travel trailer from mom and I had to set them up in the yard just to get the feel.  It was a very low-key birthday but it was so enjoyable and non-stressful!
Coming soon....updates on our first true RV camping trip.