Who Am I?

Me (Rebekah)

  • 26 28 Years Old
  • Med-Surg Telemetry Nurse
  • Married
  • Sarcastic (such an underrated type of communication)
  • Crafter (I make cards, and enjoy crafty projects)
  • Very novice gardener (Many of my plants are still alive)
  • Mom to 2 amazing dog-children (Lily Pad and Killer)
  • Older Sister (Sister Sarah is 6 years younger)
  • Private Chef (and when I say private I mean I cook for myself)
  • Random factoid (I save road-crossing turtles)
I began a journey in January 2011, this journey is leading to a healthier me.  Yes, health is a very vague term but I am working on all aspects of myself *there are endless places for improvement.  Some of these changes that I have identified are: eating more FRUITS and VEGGIES, making EXERCISE routine, letting go of my all-or-nothing ATTITUDE toward so many things in life, trying new activities, trying NEW to me healthy food items, and being POSITIVE about any step that I make no matter how small.  So far this has been going well.  I have a goal of weight loss too...I'm not really sure how much because I have never been the weight/size I was happy with. I am 5'10" had lost 10lbs (started at 198lbs) since January 2011 then plateaued, so I added a big gun to my arsenal  - a personal trainer. He and I meet 1 time per week and I follow the recommended guidelines 3 more days per week.  Knowing that I am accountable to someone other than myself has really motivated me!  Also he changes up the workouts so I won't get bored.

1. Update: March 24, 2011 weighed out for the challenge at work.  I had lost 9.5lbs or 4.7% of my body weight in 2 months.  Results of the winner will be announced tomorrow.  Arnetra beat me with a 4.9% weight loss.  So close but yet so far!  Hey, I figure I am a winner loser winner anyway.
2. Update: May 23, 2011 I finished my first race May 15, 2011, the Warrior Dash.  It was a 5k plus obstacles. Signed up today for my first half-marathon which will be in Nov 2011. Thank goodness for cooler weather!
3. Update: November 26, 2011 I completed my first half marathon. My goal was to complete it in less than three hours.  I was shocked when I crossed the finish line in 2:33.
4.  Update:  January 1, 2012 I have set new goals for this year and I am starting the year off with a challenge, the Do Life Movement 2012 New Year Challenge

My Likes: Family, Friends, Pets, Animals *in general, Trees, Beach *except sand, it is sticky and gets everywhere, Sunshine, Music, Good movies, Great books, Burritos *or most any Mexican flavored foods, A great pair of jeans, Comfy shoes * I am a Croc-aholic, Cheese, Sea kayaking, Warm snuggly throws, Ceiling fans, Beans, Cooking, Smiling, Dueling piano bars, Flowers *but not pollen, Showers, Traveling, Hiking *but I am a novice, Burned marshmallows, Gadgets, A good Thunderstorm, Going barefoot, Good Coffee, City lights at night
Wonderful Vacation to Eleuthera, Bahamas
Me and the hubby
Killer when she was a wee pup
On a Hike at Dukes Creek Falls
Random Animal Cuteness

Dislikes: Pickled beets, Sand, Hard nights at work, Hangnails, When my iPod is dead when I really want some tunes, Finishing a good book *I don't want it to be over, Wet wooden spoons, Dust, Waiting, Bad drivers, Burned toast, Getting something in my shoe, Washing dishes *I think dirty dishes are gross, Celery strings, Getting a stitch in my side when I am trying to work out, Stickers in my feet, Humidity, Someone putting an empty container of milk/etc back into fridge or pantry.

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