Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

Friday we drove down to Statesboro to celebrate Mother's Day with Clay's mom. We tried a new restaurant, South & Vine Public House.  We started with ceviche which was delicious, I had scallops with angel hair, bacon and mushrooms which was a treat!  The place was packed...thanks to the combo of the holiday and Georgia Southern's graduation weekend.  The service was really stellar though especially considering how busy they were.
Killer and Lily went with us to Clay's mom's  house and they played and played.  Lily ate several chewy bones, got scared by the flashlight, smelled Jefferson the cat, and sniffed out critters in the yard.  Killer was content sitting with Clay's mom, eating lots of people food, and hoarding her chipmunks.
Saturday morning  Lily and I got up and went for a walk.  The weather was beautiful!  Wild blackberries were growing all along the side of the road but I didn't have anything to put them in so I picked up a random beer 12 pack that was just laying there.  I was surprised when I saw there was a black widow inside (Clay just got bitten by a black widow at home recently),  I slung it out and smooshed it, and then I used it to put berries in.

Saturday evening we went to Dudley and had Mother's Day dinner with mom, Mema, Johnannah, and Scott.  Sunday we actually were able to sleep late, even Lily slept in.  She and I went for a walk when we got up.  Then it was housework time and I went to weed and water the garden.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Turkish Borek and Coffee Meringues

I saw a recipe for Turkish Borek on the food network show, The Best Thing I Ever Made.  It looked delicious and I couldn't wait to make it.  I didn't have all the necessary ingredients so I ordered the nigella satvia (the seeds on top of the dish) and the aleppo pepper online.  

This recipe is similar to spanikopita but the filling is anaheim peppers and spices and ground beef.  It has a crispy, flaky, phyllo dough crust that comes out golden brown.

After I completed the borek I started on coffee meringues, a recipe that I had seen on pinterest and was very excited about making.  We dug my mixer out of the garage and I washed it up real quick before beginning the meringues. 

I gathered my ingredients and began mixing my egg whites into fluffy deliciousness.

Lily waited patiently to see how they turned out.

My first attempt at meringues....they look good but how do they taste?  OMG!!!  "Clay, try this and see.  What do they taste like to you?"  Clay said "Something familiar...." 
"Something familiar like soap???"
"OH! yeah that is what it is."
All the meringues went in the trash.  I apparently didn't rinse all the soap out of the mixing bowl when I washed it.  Bust!  Will have to try this again soon sans soap.     

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dogs and Husband

Clay just thinks he is the funniest thing.  I had upset Lily in her crate by reaching in there to take her collar off and she squatted and tinkled Clay threw the pad outside in attempt to get it out of the house but the peed on pad landed on my foot.  He laughed and chuckled as I stood in the rain with dog pee on my foot, so I did what any self-respecting person would do and stood in the rain a little longer to take a photo of his assery.  Killer just stood by and watched. 

We had gotten some more of Lily's dog food today and when we got home from running errands Clay was pouring it in the containers and made a big mess.  Lily was beside herself trying to decide which piece of food to eat next.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

No news this morning but Clay wanted me to update the blog.  Lily did somehow chew up the GIANT kong we had for her.  She likes to run around the house with it in her mouth and show it to you and bop you with it.
Clay is ready for our grocery trip.  We had a nice dinner and trip to Macon yesterday to hang out with my sister.  She was total doll and picked up something for me to help me out.  Sarah, if you are reading this, we really enjoyed the company!
Killer and I have been chilling out and watching television this morning.  Now, off to the grocery store to get ingredients for 2 new recipes this evening.  Will post links for those later and maybe pictures if they turn out.  Pretty excited about our Turkish Borek and coffee meringues!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bee Inspection

We checked on our bees for the first time this week.  They have been very busy.  They had drawn comb on all but one side of one frame.  There was a nice mix of brood, pollen, and honey.  Luckily neither of us got stung even though they were very active (probably due to the late hour of our inspection).  We have a few sugar ants coming in the hive so we will have to watch that closely.  We changed the entrance reducer to the larger entry and the bees took a little while to realize where the entrance was because they were used to going to the right side and the entry was changed to the left of the hive.