Thursday, May 9, 2013

Turkish Borek and Coffee Meringues

I saw a recipe for Turkish Borek on the food network show, The Best Thing I Ever Made.  It looked delicious and I couldn't wait to make it.  I didn't have all the necessary ingredients so I ordered the nigella satvia (the seeds on top of the dish) and the aleppo pepper online.  

This recipe is similar to spanikopita but the filling is anaheim peppers and spices and ground beef.  It has a crispy, flaky, phyllo dough crust that comes out golden brown.

After I completed the borek I started on coffee meringues, a recipe that I had seen on pinterest and was very excited about making.  We dug my mixer out of the garage and I washed it up real quick before beginning the meringues. 

I gathered my ingredients and began mixing my egg whites into fluffy deliciousness.

Lily waited patiently to see how they turned out.

My first attempt at meringues....they look good but how do they taste?  OMG!!!  "Clay, try this and see.  What do they taste like to you?"  Clay said "Something familiar...." 
"Something familiar like soap???"
"OH! yeah that is what it is."
All the meringues went in the trash.  I apparently didn't rinse all the soap out of the mixing bowl when I washed it.  Bust!  Will have to try this again soon sans soap.     

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