Monday, May 30, 2011

Mission Organization

Lots of plastic tubs to begin some organization around the house. These things are great for packing and for storing. I am NOT looking forward to tackling the garage, but I know I will feel better when it is done. Got a couple of space bags so I can store winter clothes under the bed = )

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Monday, May 23, 2011


Funny GPS find from last weekend on the way to Warrior Dash, Mountain City, GA 2011. Truly the name of the town in Jot Em Down. Whoda thunk it?
Always crafty me wanted to make t-shirts for the race. This is Eric's handywork. We had decided that team tortoise was a good name since it was going to be a slow race.
Allyson and I got our pre-race birthday (mine) celebration on complete with my Bennie and the Jets glasses. Thank you dollar store! How I do love some prop action for photos.
Off to the race. We bussed in. The hubby (with hat) and his friend Eric showing their scariest warrior pose.

My bestie, Ally and me pre-race. She didn't run with me this time, she and clay were our groupies. They came out to show support and took some awesome photos. Unfortunately, they were there to witness my none than stellar, thoroughly terrified transition over the top of the 20 foot wall.
As we rounded the bend from the initial jog into the course we heard screaming, cold mountain nasty pond water will do that to people. I mentioned to Eric that I felt kinda like I was on a nature show where the wildebeests all go crazy and try and cross the river at the same time.
Oh, just I am. Yes, I am raising the roof.
I was standing on top of a car in this pic below, I promise. There is a photo somewhere in which you can actually see the car. I WILL find that photo and post it too.
Me and Eric, 2 obstacles in...9 more to go. This is what our game faces look like.

3rd and scariest obstacle of all for me. I crawled right up the rope but I freaked out at the top having to go over. The foot "holds" were less than 2 inches deep and my muddy feet kept slipping off. When I leaned over the top to switch to the other side I imagined myself landing on my head. So I chilled on top (20 feet in the air) for a minute or so until I could gather the gumption to climb on down. Embarrassing!
Water slide of epic super-awesomeness! They had to throw a bale of straw in front of me at the bottom I was going so fast.

Mud bath anyone? Ally and Clay did not want hugs, sadface.
Trying to see just how pathetic my results were. Keep in mind, this was my first race EVER please. It was a 5k plus 11 obstacles and I I quite sure that my little FREAK out on top of the wall cost at least 30 minutes ;) My time was around 53 minutes.
Here the hubster was trying to steal our racing glory all jumping into the warrior shot.
1st race medal. I think I am addicted!

With my warrior helmet and post-race mud face.

He would not hug me but he let me give him a muddy smooch. What an absolute blast! I can't wait to do it again. I also signed up for another race today....more on that to come.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Guess What I Did Today.

I couldn't sleep this morning at 0700 and needed to EXERCISE. I had missed 3 days working out thanks to 14-15 hour nights at work. It was quite chilly but I didn't realize that until I was already out the door so I decided to run "a little bit" to get warmed up. Once I started RUNNING I didn't stop. I told myself that I was going to at least make it to the 5k mark and see what my time looked like on mytracks. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that I had cut 6 minutes off my fastest time so far and made the 5k in 33 minutes. I was so happy that I found some extra energy, and kept running. I made it back to the house after a total of 48 minutes running. I maintained a 5.5 mph overall average which is MUCH better than before!!! I was so happy I couldn't stop smiling. Then I came in and did my BICEP and TRICEP circuit workout.

Clay and I then had a fantastic omlette sandwich and went to see Something Borrowed and Thor. Double feature movie day. I really enjoyed Something Borrowed, and Clay said he liked it too, Thor was good but we saw it in 3D and I think I would have preferred for it not to have been. We also picked up some salvia and artemesia that we will be planting tomorrow.