Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fun with fun.

Clay and I went to see Guster last month, and this month (2/15) we cashed in on my Christmas gift and went to see Fun. at the Tabernacle.  We had plans to try a new restaurant but after sitting on 75 in traffic for a long time, we didn't have long to eat so we stopped by the Varsity for a quick bite before the show.

The Tabernacle is definitely one of our favorite venues.  The only downside is that it is not much fun to go during the summer because it gets very hot inside.  So, we try to find concerts there during the months of October-May.   This was perfect weather for a Tabernacle concert.  We showed up about and hour an a half before and show and the line of much-younger-than-us-hipsters was already wrapping around the block. This was the first time we have experienced this, also it was our first attendance at a sold out concert here. 
We got great seats on the front row up the upper balcony!  They played a nice mix of songs from their older album, Aim and Ignite, and their newer one, Some Nights.  My favorite song of theirs is the gambler.

This is one of the songs probably familiar to you from the radio, also the title track from their newer album.
We had a great time! The performace was very energetic, the crowd was having a blast-singing along, the live performance lived up to the studio recordings.  We had seen them on Saturday Night Live before Clay got me the tickets so we knew they would not be as bad a Gwen Stefani or Train live.  Clay enjoyed it so much he was already checking out where we could see them again close by on the drive home that night.