Sunday, March 30, 2014

Building Kayak Racks

After a lot of talking and planning and looking on the internet for inspiration we came up with the plans for our rolling kayak rack.  Eric came down for moral support and assistance.
Luckily, dad came and provided expertise on the project.  We used 2x6 boards for the base and lagged them together.  We used 2x4 cut to almost the height of the garage for the risers.  We used wooden dowels near the top to provide more stability and would work to hold my watermelon (my green kayak).  The rack is 8 feet long and my watermelon is only 6 feet so we have an extra dowel on the opposite end to hang our life jackets.  On one side to provide both stability and extra storage for dry bags and such we put a peg board. The weather was too humid yesterday to paint it but we have some nice bright blue to paint the rack soon.  It has giant 6 inch casters on it so we can just roll it in and out of the garage.
We used nylon rope with washers to make the individual racks and strung a piece of PVC pipe on each one to help the boats roll in and out.  It really worked like a charm!

The almost finished project.  Still needs a coat of paint but already providing us the storage we wanted and it also makes it so easy for us to pick and choose which boats we want to take out without having to pull all them out and the gear will no longer be stacked inside the boats making it harder to access.