101 in 1001

 Great Idea From The Day Zero Project

Goal is to complete 101 personally preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.
Starting October 26, 2011 to be completed by July 23, 2014

Here is the link to my personal 101 (haven't quite thought of them all yet).

1. Volunteer at State Park

2. Take mom to St. Augustine, Fl

3. Go Camping (again)

These photos are from Halloween weekend 2010 (highlights were: cookie dough on a stick over the fire, taking the "summer tent" which left us making due with snowflake throws hung up to cover the mesh, car packed to the gills for a one night trip 20 miles from home, stealing wood from abandoned campsites, and cheese!)

4. Run a marathon

5. Be able to complete 10 "mens style" pushups

6. Go back to Utah 

These are pics from our first trip in September 2011.  We want to go back in the winter and see how we like it.  If we think we can tolerate the cold and snow, this is a possible move for us sometime in the future because we both enjoyed it so much on our first trip.

7. Buy some great boots

8. Read at least a book per month Nov 11- Fever Dream, Dec 11 Cold Vengeance, Micro, January 12 Carriers

9. Write at least 10 blog entries per month Nov, Dec, Jan

10. Set up a photo date day with my sister - She took photos of me and Clay at the Pigpickin' 2011

11. Go to 3 awesome concerts

12. Yelp at least 4 reviews per month Dec, Jan

13. Run a mile in less than 10 minutes Dec 12 - 9:34

14. Go to Colorado

15. Get into a size 8

16. Wear a bikini in public

18. Go with mom to Nova Scotia

19. Plant a garden

20. Complete a 365 day photo challenge

21. Go on a picnic

22. Go on a cruise

23. Go to the zoo Dec 12

24. Buy something from Etsy

25. Watch the sun rise and set on the same day

26. Get another stamp in my passport

27. Get a massage

28. Leave 30 Operation Beautiful notes 
29. Make myself a photo book - in progress

30. Paint my piano a funky color

31. Get a new/used dining set

32. Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over

33. Write 5 letters to 5 people who changed my life

34. Identify 100 things that makes me happy

35. Grow my hair long

36. Go to a food festival

37. Take pictures in a photo booth

38. Kiss someone at midnight on New Year's Worked New Years 2011, Spent it at the nurses station with 97 year old woman who thought she was at a dance

39. Go on a road trip 
40. Volunteer at a race 

41. Make a new workout playlist - Nov 2011 (5 hour playlist for half marathon)

42.  Watch all the Star Wars movies

43.  Build a snowman

44.  Go ice skating

45.  Sing karaoke at a bar

46. Make a bottle fence around the tree out back

47.  Run a half marathon - Zooma Atlanta November 26, 2011

48.  Do yoga at least twice a month