Friday, March 30, 2012


Didn't want a "should have had a V8" moment so I chugged some juice. Interview for the new C3 position at work today.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beach Dreams

Having a LOT of beachy thoughts lately. Ready for this summer so I can get to the sand and surf. Last year was the first summer that I didn't get to the beach, and I think I will have to make up for it. Got a little sunburned today trying to get some early tan = )
I have one more night at work tomorrow before my big interview Friday afternoon. Super nervous and ready to get that over.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day Weekend

We had an impromptu get together for Saint Patrick's Day. After spending a couple of days in Helen for Clay's conference we had the whole weekend off so we jumped over to Clayton for a night on Friday. I realized Saturday morning that it was St. Patrick's and we talked Allyson into heading down to visit. She and Daniel came down and we went out to Zeppelin's (our favorite spot) for some corned beef and cabbage and shepherd's pie, Clay got a green beer (looks pretty at least) and we tried out Jordan's take on the flaming Dr. Pepper which was pretty tasty. Clay and I had gotten matching shirts at Wal-Mart Daniel liked them so much we all headed back to get them a couple too. We came back and played Taboo, the Universal Joint was too loud and there was no Irishy music happening. Beautiful spring beginning and relaxing past several days has been great.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Helen Trip

Took Killer out for her first hike today. We went about 4 miles total, very slowly. Chico had to mark every tree, bush, flower, grass, leaf, rock, and piece of sand so that other animals would know he had been there. Killer kept up the pace until the last quarter mile that was all uphill, I had to pick her up for a couple of minutes then she was right back at it. It was pretty cool early this morning so I was glad I had worn a long sleeve top over my t-shirt.

I dropped my driver's license out of my pocket somewhere along the way and realized it when I was getting ready to head back so I spent the whole hike back with my eyes on the ground looking for it. Luckily I didn't miss the 2 deer in the field where the path opens up. Chico and Killer did not miss them either. Both were chomping at the bits, barking, and Killer was licking her chops. I also found my license in that field where I had stopped and crouched earlier to take some photos of the doggies.

Neither of them were very impressed with the river, I think they were both having flash-backs from their baths yesterday. They were not looking to sit and enjoy the view there.

Not much else exciting going on, I have been playing chauffeur to Clay since we couldn't stay on site with the dogs. I did complete my essay and updated my resume for my application to the new position at work so I haven't been totally useless.

On the Road Again

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Done with Raw

(We are heading to Helen next week so I brought back an on Helen pic from 2010)

I completed my 2 week raw vegan trial yesterday evening. It was a real eye opening experience. I surprised myself, it was a lot easier than I expected it to be. I became a lot more in tune to the flavor of foods and my taste buds definitely became more sensitive. I think this is something that I will try and rotate out every other month or so. It was a painless way to drop pounds quick because I was able to eat SO much food but didn't feel guilty about it. I lost 1.5% body fat in the past month, woohoo!
I picked up some tricks and recipes that I can use mixed in with my regular diet. Probably the best "trick" I learned was ribboning zucchini to use in place of pasta. Easy and tasty! I also learned to enjoy salad without dressing, something I always envied of others that did. I used dash seasoning on my salads a lot and added lemon or lime juice. I am also going to start taking fruit more often as my snacks at work instead of granola bars and heavily processed items. Spices, spices, spices lots of flavor and no calories. I also learned that I CAN live without cheese. Wow! I went 2 weeks without cheese, I don't want to spend my life without cheese but I will definitely decrease my consumption and eat it more as a special treat. I may have a slight cheese addiction, I'll admit it!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend with the Hubby

I got home from work the other morning and Clay was sleeping, there was a note on the door to go in his computer room and watch what he had pulled up on his computer. I was expecting a new movie trailer or a new song he wanted me to hear. I was so pleasantly surprised and my heart was warmed when I saw he had made me a sweet video using pictures he had gotten from my blog. What a thoughtful gift, and so nice to know he was thinking of me while I was off at work.

I actually had the ENTIRE weekend off, and nothing that I had to do. It was awesome! Friday night we were lazy, watched some television and went to bed pretty early. Saturday was rainy but we made it to Macon to go swimsuit and dress clothes shopping. No luck on the swimsuit, Wow! they are skimpy. However I did find some nice dress clothes and I found out that I am a size 8 now in NY and Company clothes. Unbelievable! I have never been smaller than a size 12, and at my heaviest I had gotten to an 18 pushing closer to a size 20.
Clay was a great shopping partner, he has turned out to be much better at picking stuff out for me than I am for myself. I am still very much stuck in the heavy girl mindset and he pushes me to try new items. He ended up finding me an awesome skirt suit set, perfect for upcoming interviews. He was wowed when I tried on the dress below he sent the pic he took to all kinds of folks via text message with the title "hubba." Embarrassing? yes, a little, Flattering? yes, a whole lot. I think I will bring him along shopping for clothes from now on, not sure how keen he will be but he sure is helpful! No luck on bathing suit, but I will try try again.

(Before and now Dec 2007- March 2012)

I have just tomorrow left on the raw vegan diet. That will conclude my 2 weeks on it. So far I have lost a little over 5 pounds. I have not stayed hungry, I have eaten TONS of fruits and veggies. I think that this is something that I will rotate in my diet maybe once a month for a week. It is much easier than any other "diet" I have done because you can eat so much food that you stay full, and fortunately I like most fruits and veggies anyway. I have my monthly assessment with Joey on Tuesday so I am super excited to see the body fat % and measurements this month!