Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend with the Hubby

I got home from work the other morning and Clay was sleeping, there was a note on the door to go in his computer room and watch what he had pulled up on his computer. I was expecting a new movie trailer or a new song he wanted me to hear. I was so pleasantly surprised and my heart was warmed when I saw he had made me a sweet video using pictures he had gotten from my blog. What a thoughtful gift, and so nice to know he was thinking of me while I was off at work.

I actually had the ENTIRE weekend off, and nothing that I had to do. It was awesome! Friday night we were lazy, watched some television and went to bed pretty early. Saturday was rainy but we made it to Macon to go swimsuit and dress clothes shopping. No luck on the swimsuit, Wow! they are skimpy. However I did find some nice dress clothes and I found out that I am a size 8 now in NY and Company clothes. Unbelievable! I have never been smaller than a size 12, and at my heaviest I had gotten to an 18 pushing closer to a size 20.
Clay was a great shopping partner, he has turned out to be much better at picking stuff out for me than I am for myself. I am still very much stuck in the heavy girl mindset and he pushes me to try new items. He ended up finding me an awesome skirt suit set, perfect for upcoming interviews. He was wowed when I tried on the dress below he sent the pic he took to all kinds of folks via text message with the title "hubba." Embarrassing? yes, a little, Flattering? yes, a whole lot. I think I will bring him along shopping for clothes from now on, not sure how keen he will be but he sure is helpful! No luck on bathing suit, but I will try try again.

(Before and now Dec 2007- March 2012)

I have just tomorrow left on the raw vegan diet. That will conclude my 2 weeks on it. So far I have lost a little over 5 pounds. I have not stayed hungry, I have eaten TONS of fruits and veggies. I think that this is something that I will rotate in my diet maybe once a month for a week. It is much easier than any other "diet" I have done because you can eat so much food that you stay full, and fortunately I like most fruits and veggies anyway. I have my monthly assessment with Joey on Tuesday so I am super excited to see the body fat % and measurements this month!

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