Thursday, March 15, 2012

Helen Trip

Took Killer out for her first hike today. We went about 4 miles total, very slowly. Chico had to mark every tree, bush, flower, grass, leaf, rock, and piece of sand so that other animals would know he had been there. Killer kept up the pace until the last quarter mile that was all uphill, I had to pick her up for a couple of minutes then she was right back at it. It was pretty cool early this morning so I was glad I had worn a long sleeve top over my t-shirt.

I dropped my driver's license out of my pocket somewhere along the way and realized it when I was getting ready to head back so I spent the whole hike back with my eyes on the ground looking for it. Luckily I didn't miss the 2 deer in the field where the path opens up. Chico and Killer did not miss them either. Both were chomping at the bits, barking, and Killer was licking her chops. I also found my license in that field where I had stopped and crouched earlier to take some photos of the doggies.

Neither of them were very impressed with the river, I think they were both having flash-backs from their baths yesterday. They were not looking to sit and enjoy the view there.

Not much else exciting going on, I have been playing chauffeur to Clay since we couldn't stay on site with the dogs. I did complete my essay and updated my resume for my application to the new position at work so I haven't been totally useless.

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