Monday, March 19, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day Weekend

We had an impromptu get together for Saint Patrick's Day. After spending a couple of days in Helen for Clay's conference we had the whole weekend off so we jumped over to Clayton for a night on Friday. I realized Saturday morning that it was St. Patrick's and we talked Allyson into heading down to visit. She and Daniel came down and we went out to Zeppelin's (our favorite spot) for some corned beef and cabbage and shepherd's pie, Clay got a green beer (looks pretty at least) and we tried out Jordan's take on the flaming Dr. Pepper which was pretty tasty. Clay and I had gotten matching shirts at Wal-Mart Daniel liked them so much we all headed back to get them a couple too. We came back and played Taboo, the Universal Joint was too loud and there was no Irishy music happening. Beautiful spring beginning and relaxing past several days has been great.


  1. I thought Killer was your shoes for the longest time. I was like wtf is she wearing on her feet. Ha!

  2. Yeah I didn't even realize she had gotten into the picture until later when I uploaded them.