Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

It is so exciting every spring to be surprised as the plants that have been hiding away all winter start to emerge. My tulips are in full bloom which happened while I was away. The whole yard came alive in the last few days. Unfortunately that includes the weeds which means I have some weeding to do, and some mowing to contemplate doing. Also the plentiful pine trees have been manufacturing their pollen 24 hours/day and have covered my yard in the yellow stuff *achoo achoo*. If only it was good for something....

I have NO IDEA what this plant is...I got it on sale at Lowe's 2 years ago and this is the first year it has had the weird berries on it. It has silver bottomed leaves and has turned out to be a very fast growing and beautiful plant whatever it is.

Chico is loving the WARM weather. He is very cold-natured. This time of year he comes in all covered in dry grass just as pleased with himself as he can be. I am sure you can tell he was majorly tail-wagging since his tail is all blurry in the pic. Killer update: she is feeling better finally after almost 2 weeks on antibiotics and 5 teeth later. She looks mopey in this picture but I think it is because she is dozing post-lunch and I woke her up. I am so happy she is feeling better, I have really been worried about her this past week!

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