Friday, March 11, 2011

Enjoyable day off!

Totally sweaty 1.5 hour workout. LEGS and ABS today, followed by 45 minutes on the TREADMILL alternating between 5-10% incline. Yes, I will be walking funny tomorrow and the next day.

Yummy salad chock full of goodies, ran by the grocery post-workout and kept thinking of things to add to my lettuce (tomato, red onion, mushrooms, turkey pepperonis, alfalfa sprouts, green olives, and sunflower seeds) topped with some balsamic vinegar. Easy on the eyes too.

After salad came chicken. No-bread chicken parm hit the spot!

Went ahead and cooked some curried chickpeas and mushrooms for tomorrow since it is back to work for me. the steam kept fogging the lens = )

Couple of hours post-dinner I was snacky (not all that surprising considering the workout I did), so I had some SUPER sweet strawberries with a little Kashi and more almond milk. Did you know strawberries make great presents?

In other news today...Killer is still not feeling well. I was hoping that with the antibiotics on board she would start feeling better. Here's hoping that tomorrow is a better day for her. I'm nervous about her going under anesthesia on Monday! I am CURIOUS however to see what she will look like after a hair cut. She has never been groomed before. But, between now and then I've got 2 nights of work ahead of me.

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