Monday, March 14, 2011

Lentil loaf, Toothless killer, and Orange monster

An "Orange Monster" my spin off on the green monster smoothie. Cooked sweet potato, carrot, almond milk, banana, ice cubes, cinnamon, protein powder.

Delicious salad at lunch chock full of everything in my fridge = )

Brought Killer home from the vet this afternoon, she underwent a tooth cleaning and FIVE tooth extraction. Yikes! She was sitting on the front porch and hesitated to come in the house. I am hoping she will get back to her peppy self soon. I have been missing her tail wag!

Was craving something sweet this morning so I mixed some cocoa powder into my peanut butter and slathered it on my toast with a banana. It hit the spot!

Lentil loaf and a salad for dinner last night.

Eeeew! Lentil loaf looks so nasty but tastes so GOOD!

Did TREADMILL today, even was able to run a mile straight now at 4.6mph. Improvements happening daily. Then it was my day with Joey *my trainer. We worked out LEGS and ABS. Nothing exciting for the evening...maybe I will watch some BONES *I am still catching up - on season 4.

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