Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rainy Tuesday

Struggled through my pre-dawn cardio on the elliptical this AM, not sure if I was still wiped out from the session with my trainer last night or I was just being lazy because I know I have to go back to work tonight. But...I made it through thanks to some recently downloaded tunes.

Next the sun had come up but was hiding behind some rain clouds. I love a good RAIN! The birds were chirping and I left the back door open to enjoy the sounds and fresh air while I made some SUN-DRIED tomato hummus and cleaned the kitchen.

Breakfast of champions: Roasted pork loin, garlic, and broccoli in marinara with side of asparagus in BBQ sauce *this was a new and amazing treat. I never thought to put BBQ sauce on veggies until I saw it on Caitlin's blog. I must say this is a repeat for sure!!! Oh and before you judge about me eating this for "breakfast" remember I am a night-shifter ; ) K, Thanks!

Now to relax and let my stomach settle before catching some zzzzzs before work.

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