Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mema's visit - March 1-2

So strange that after mema's visit I saw this suitcase in a patient's room at the hospital. Mema and I had just talked about how I had this bag and would cross the back field going to her house. I asked the patient if I could take a picture of her suitcase. I am pretty sure she thought I was crazy.

We had nice sunny breakfasts at the nook by the window.

Mema did a pretty good job ignoring Chico's begging for human food.

Tasty breakfast: pumpernickel and cheddar, hard-boiled egg, kiwi and mandarin orange

Mema with Alvin in her lap under my original Pete the Cat.

Fully bloomed Japanese Magnolia outside my Aunt Johannah's house when I was picking Mema up.

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  1. You've gone from going to grandma's to grandma coming to you. AND she had a wonderful time. The two of you have spent many happy hours together since May 17, 1984!! Incredibly special bond. Next time I am "going to daughter's", I would love pumpernickel and cheddar