Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nothing New

I have nothing particularly interesting to share.  Had 3 long nights at work, one night off and back tomorrow night.  I start training for my new job on June 18, and I am excited to learn all the ins and outs of this new position!  I am running my first trail race on Saturday.  It is a 15k at Daussett Trails near Indian Springs, Ga.  It is part of the Dirty Spokes series.  

We are still missing the Chico around here.  After a mighty tough weekend with him in the doggie hospital trying to recover we brought him home Monday.  He got to spend a night at home and I was sure to tell him everything I needed to tell him before we took him to the vet the next evening.  Chico will always be missed but whenever I start to get sad, I just try and remember some happy time we had together and let him live on in my heart and mind.  I am not sure Killer has figured out what is going on yet, and I hope she can remain blissfully ignorant.  I do think that she may be able to lose some weight now though since she always scarfed her food down like she thought Chico was just waiting to eat it.  She actually leaves "left overs" in her bowl overnight. 

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