Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back to Running

After quite the hiatus from running (not exercise in general, just running) I am back at it.  I am contemplating running a 15k trail run in a month that is just up the road from the house on trails I used to frequent.  So Sunday I did a walk/jog 3.1 miles to get back into the swing of things.  Tuesday I set out in the heat of the day with my camel back and did intervals and did 4.7 miles in just over an hour.  Wednesday I still had the running bug and headed out here at the house again and thought I might do 3 miles but I was feeling good and went ahead and did 5 again.  I had forgotten what a great feeling it is to run and what an even better feeling it is after a run!  My hamstrings stay really tight all the time but running definitely makes it worse so I have GOT to make a concerted effort to stretch more and really focus on my hamstrings.  Although this is the first time ever I had some shin-splint type of pain after and I had done some intervals where I was running on my toes/ball of my foot.  Foam rolling might just be in order.
Wednesday I didn't bring my camel back so I took a liter bottle with me and dropped it halfway in.
Killer's new Vader Easter bunny toy.  You can see her leg sticking up in the background between his bunny ears.  She and Chico has been rolling around in the grass while I was reading out in the sun.  Beautiful, but already might hot here in GA.

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