Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I went down to Dudley for Mother's day.  I got to visit with Mema, Shelley, Walker, Norah, Johannah, Scott, Mom, Drew, and Sarah.  I hung out Saturday over at Aunt Johannah's with Mema, Shelley, and Norah.  She is about to have her first birthday.  We have the same birthday which I think is neat!  She is such a little doll, so well behaved!  She was holding my necklace and thought it was hilarious to pretend she was going to give it to me but when I reached for it she would pull it back.  You can see her little nose all scrunched up in the picture above, the first time she did this I was talking to her and I thought she was about to cry.  Come to find out she apparently makes that face when she is happy.  Too cute!

That evening mom and I went to Shaffer's in Dublin for dinner and had a great meal.  Then we went to TJ Maxx and got snacks to smuggle into the 10pm showing of Dark Shadows.  I had to work Sunday night so I was going to have to leave the next morning.  When we got in from the movie I whipped up an egg scramble with spinach and oats for the dogs since I forgot their dog food.  They ate then we all attempted to sleep.  Chico was driving me crazy wanting to go out 5-6 times per hour.  After 1.5 hours of this I put him in my car outside since the weather was nice and cool and the sun wasn't out to heat it.  Killer then started bothering me about going out so I put her in the car too so I could get a few hours of sleep. I went out to get them the next morning and my car was covered in throw up.  EWW!  Apparently the egg scramble did not sit well with either of them.  I spent the next half hour cleaning my car.  So much for getting home early in the morning so I could rest before going to work that night.  We went over to Johannah's and we had Tamales that her friend Myra made, some coffee, and a lemon bar.  I got to see Sarah (she was in Augusta shooting a wedding the day before).  Then I drove home, passed out for 3 hours and went to work.

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