Saturday, May 5, 2012

Atlanta Movie Tour Date Day

Last week I caught a deal on travel zoo for a walking dead tour of Atlanta.  It seemed right up Clay's alley so we decided to do it this weekend.  This morning when I got off work we headed up to Atlanta to see some zombie hot spots.

The group met up at Castleberry hill parking garage did a short walking tour over the railroad tracks heading into town.  That area was featured in Walking Dead then we hopped on a bus to be shuttled around while we were informed and entertained by a guy who had the luck of being a famous zombie in the show.
We went to several spots around town but my favorite was the Goat Farm which is an artist community and a venue for events.  This was a fantastic place!  I got gobbled at by this guinea hen when I stopped to take the picture then it ran away, I guess it was camera shy.

 This photo of us is taken from the same location as the still shot from Walking Dead. Unfortunately our heads are too big and take up most  of the photo = )  We were super hungry when we got done and decided to head over to Decatur for Art B Que.  What a treat!  There were several food trucks so we had a variety: a little tamale here, hot dog there, Farm Burger sloppy joe here, King of Pops there.  Clay had a tasty pineapple habanero pop and Thai tea, I had a blackberry ginger lemonade and banana pudding pop, so good!  It had gotten very hot in the afternoon and the cool breeze from the morning had moved on so we didn't linger and listen to the music.

While we were up in the ATL we hit up Whole Foods for some items that are a little hard to get in Macon.  We saw a neat looking place called the Book House Pub and after shopping we had worked up an appetite and had dinner and some drinks there.  Clay had a jalapeno infused tequila margarita as his Cinco de Mayo celebration and then a delicious banana nut bread beer.  I was sleepy after the long day after work so I had 2 ginormous cups of coffee.  Clay was so excited they had duck on the menu and he was not disappointed.  I was let down by my chorizo burger (dry and bland) but the Guinness mac and cheese, lamb and risotto balls, and hand cut fries more than redeemed my experience.  This place was so cool and we for sure want to go back here.

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  1. What are the chances of Mema (of all people - she's too cool) saving an article for me about the Goat Farm, me mentioning to you a play there that I wanted us to go to, then you and Clay finding yourself there on a Zombie tour!! We must go back - and there is another place, a planned community heavy on organic gardening, that we can visit on the same day. Must do!!