Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Last of St. Augustine

Clay and I chilled out sitting on the wall beside the Castillo and I breathed some ocean air, and got a nice hair frizz.  Love this pic of us though!
We were all super hungry after the Alligator Farm so we headed right up the road to a place I had bookmarked on Yelp, called Gas.  We love using Yelp to find new tasty places to eat and Gas did not disappoint.  Clay got the fried jalapeno popper burger which was HUGE but did not compromise on flavor or quality.  I loved my choice which was the black bean burger with cinnamon chipotle mayo on the side.  The black bean burger had the best grilled taste to it!  The frozen key lime mousse with coconut brittle (yum!) was quickly dominated by the 3 of us.  Super friendly staff rounded out our great experience here, and the vibe was very laid back and comfortable!

Later that night we satisfied our sweet teeth without going crazy overboard on calories at The Hyppo a local popsicle shop.  Another Yelp winner!  Clay smugly checked reviews for which pops we should give a try and we eventually settled on several = )  You can do that when they are less than 150 calories each.  I LOVED the coconut pistachio and could eat the strawberry basil every day in summer!  I also loved the way this place looked so much that I may take some interior design cues from them.

We also had a fantastic (as always) meal at Casa Maya while we were there and hit up the Tini Martini bar at the Casablanca Bed and Breakfast.  Our absolute favorite place to go though is Caps on the Water.  We had a fabulous meal and beautiful scenery.  We just adore this spot!  Not sure why I forgot to get a pic of me and Clay there, I guess we were too busy stuffing our faces.  

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