Monday, April 30, 2012

More from Alligator Farm

I had trouble uploading my photos the other day and then this weekend was hectic and I wasn't at home so belatedly here are some more pics from the trip to the Alligator Farm.

 2 Toothy Grins

Crocodile Kisses

Clay with crocs (and I am not talking about his beloved brown shoes).  I really liked this exhibit that was set up much like an aquarium so that you could get all up close and personal with the big animals.  They were all very unentertaining though barely moving at all.

My favorite part of the Alligator farm was the bird/gator exhibit.  It was a huge area that you walked through on a raised wooden catwalk.  There were birds EVERYWHERE and they were making all these strange noises talking to each other.  We watched herons building their nests and some already had beautiful blue eggs in their nests.  There were some pink hornbilled variety of bird that was beautiful.  I hate that I was employing my camera phone but my camera batteries died right when we got there.  Bummer!   Below the birds in the water were probably at least a hundred alligators swimming or sunbathing up on the land.

The Clay and myself enjoying the bird and gator habitat.

 This little guy was not part of the exhibits but was hovering around the table at the snack area and enjoyed a few of Clay's potato chips.  He came right up and took it from my hand.  Needless to say, that made my day!


Mom was reading to this lazy gator.

Luckily she was with us to subdue this big one, little did she know that creepy white one was coming up behind her.  Mom, you are not a codfish!

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  1. Reb, you must admit that I am an excellent and entrepid alligator hunter/wrestler. Anything to save you from it's jaws of steel. Clay was in no danger as he ran away in fright. Hmm. Not a bad idea!