Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yelp Event

We headed up to ATL Georgia tonight for our first elite Yelp event at the Hard Rock Cafe.

We found somewhere to eat nearby thanks to Yelp. We tried out Alma Cocina and LOVED it. We had a fantastic dinner. We started with some guacamole with butternut squash and chipotle sauce. Clay had some tasty pork loin with brussels and bacon and tequila sweet potatoes. I had the poblano chile relleno with apple, butternut squash, raisins, and craisins supper yummy! We were full but had to try desert. Clay got sucked into the chicharrones chocolate cake trap which was fabulous. Super rich but only lightly sweet with the crunchy chicharrones on top with candied peppers. My mind was blown with sweet potato ginger empanadas with cranberry compote and horchata ice cream. Oh, and I almost forgot my side dish the elotes which was corn on the cob charred the covered with cheese and herbs. So Good!

Then we walked right down the street to Hard Rock for the Yelp event. We waited outside for a few minutes before they opened the doors. We met a couple that we hung out with for the evening, Peter "Soy Sauce", and Amanda. The band was really good, it was hard to chat once they started but they were awesome. There were eats at the event and we each had 2 tickets for beverages. Next time we will not eat before because we went in stuffed to the max.

Video of the band that played the event.

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