Sunday, April 1, 2012

Did some major yard work today. The pics are grainy and bad because I didn't get done until about 8pm and the lighting was terrible but I did want to get some pictures because it is fun to compare after things have grown.
We went to see a matinee of the Hunger Games first and picked up paving stones and plants at Lowes. We really enjoyed the movie and were pleased with how true they stayed to the book. There were some changes we noticed but for the most part they did a great job. I would never have pictured Lennie Kravitz as Cinna but he fit the role perfectly.

We bought paving stones to go around the edge of the yard at the fence to *hopefully* keep Chico inside the fence since they are too heavy for him to move so he won't be able to dig right next to the fence to get out. In an attempt to make them look a little less ugly I planted an azalea bush every couple of stones and also planted some sedum succulent to grow and cover parts of the stones. I scooped up all the old mulch in the beds and moved it to the plants on the side of the house and replaced it with new mulch. I also planted some okra and cucumbers in that bed.
I planted some English ivy to cover the pavers that are under the crepe myrtle tree since that area is very shady. I also planted 4 elephant ears there too. In the planters on the back patio I started some cilantro and lettuce seeds.

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