Saturday, April 14, 2012

Busy Day

After I got off work this morning I walked the stairs before I came home. Plugged out 40 flights in 20 minutes.

On to this evening...I had a wonderful and long chat with my sister after I got home from the gym. I made I gigando salad which took almost an hour to eat. We watched the results show from Idol and caught up on Glee. Then we tackled the garage. We made a ton of headway, there are only a few things that we still want to do out there. I have GOT to strip and paint an old wooden and glass display case to match the other one we already completed to store the rest of our Fiesta dishes. After we finished in the garage I did an old school peel-off face mask like I used to do as a teenager. Clay thought it looked disgusting but he did kinda like helping me peel it off. Who can resist that? LOL Looking forward to my Saturday off!!

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