Thursday, April 26, 2012

Alligator Farm

Our first stop, after making it in to the hotel on Friday night and getting some sleep, was to the Alligator Farm.  Clay has always wanted to go and if I had known that it was more like a zoo, I would have been on board sooner.  This place was really cool.  The exhibits were well maintained and you got to see the gators and crocs up close and personal.  

The giant pool in the middle was swimming with lethargic gators.  Every once and a while one would lumber out of the water onto the shore, it looked like it took all of their energy to pull themselves out of the water.
We were all fascinated by the big reptiles.  There were other animals to be seen too: birds, lemurs, turtles.  It was the perfect size.  Big enough to have lots to see but small enough that you didn't feel worn out after walking around.  The only down side was the stink from the sulfur water that would spin around you when the wind blew.  Pew! 

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