Friday, April 20, 2012

Saint Augustine Here We Come

I cannot believe that it has been 5 years since we have been to Saint Augustine!  I am so excited to go back to relive some of the same things (like the chocolates above) and try some new things (like the alligator farm).  I looked back through the pictures from last time we went, things sure do change in 5 years.  

 We had such a great time on the schooner Freedom!  We also had a BLAST renting the scooter below and tooling around town in it.  It was a stretch getting that thing up and over the Lion's bridge though.  

 No trip to Florida is complete without a stop at Cap's on the water, what an amazing gem of a restaurant.  Beautiful setting and fantastic food!  I can't go on a trip and not enjoy the food, here is hoping the hotel has a gym so I can even out the calorie intake = )  I am afraid it is going to be raining off an on during the whole trip which doesn't make me think I will get to run outside and enjoy it, otherwise that would be my vote.

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