Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Craft projects

I got the craft bug here lately and I have been faced with a closet full of clothes that I (luckily) cannot wear anymore.  Dropping 4 sizes will do that to a wardrobe.  There are some old items that it is probably best that I will never wear again, but most of my clothes I would like to keep.  Thus my new craft projects, making old clothes wearable again.  Case in point: the tankini top pictured. I bought this a few years ago from Old Navy for like $3 at the end of the season and I LOVED the print.  However, this is before I lost weight and it didn't quite fit.   
I was so excited when I pulled it out of my bathing suit drawer and put it on only to find that now it is significantly too big.  Good problem to have right?  Right, but still frustrating.  Sew (lol) I set to work and pulled a gather in the front and sewed that up and used a button to cover the stitches and the bump where the extra fabric is.  I am NOT a seamstress, I do not own a sewing machine, and I was super scared to mess with this type of fabric.  I told myself, what the heck, you can't wear it anyway so what do you have to lose.  I ended up with a great finished product.  Hopefully I will have some more successes with my other clothes!

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