Sunday, June 3, 2012

Trail Run

I completed my first trail run this weekend.  It was a really enjoyable race.  There were about 220 total participants.  The weather could not have been more perfect, a high of 82 on the first day of June is fantastic.  It was a 15k race through Dauset Trails.
The day was perfect and the time went by quickly under the cover of the trees.  There were water stations about every 2 miles.  I felt like I was flying along but I took 1:55 to finish.  I am not disappointed though  because all the hills were much tougher than running on road.  My endomondo on my phone was off, not picking up well in the trees because it said I averaged about 14 min/mile but the chip time was an average of 12:26.

Courtney and I walked the first mile then started running, I think I passed about 18 people after running. 

 I was going so fast during the end that Clay could only get my foot as I ran through the finish.

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