Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Backyard Goodies

I was so surprised to see these Calla lilies come up several weeks ago, I had completely forgotten that I had planted them.  I went out back to look at everything after the big rainstorm yesterday.  We needed the rain and could use a few more days like that.

Our blueberry bushes are covered with berries, I picked a bunch of them yesterday and will get a lot more tomorrow too.  This is our first good harvest from them after planting them about 4 years ago.

This is my first time growing okra and it seems to be doing well. Killer hates to have her picture taken but she obliged for just one shot, then she ran inside to hide, or to chase the cat...

My gardenia is loving where it is planted and is covered up with blooms.  I only had 1 squash so far and I cooked it up with the okra and a little bit of bacon.  Yum!

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