Monday, June 11, 2012

Nice kind of day!

I was feeling lazy this morning since I had a surprise day off and I was busy talking myself out of working out but I read one of my favorite blogs, RunEatRepeat and somehow got the energy to head out for a run. I did a very sweaty (thanks humidity) 4 miles and was really craving a smoothie so I made a giant green monster.

In the mix:

1 cut up frozen banana, 1 cup frozen peaches, 2 cups raw spinach, a handful of ice cubes, 2/3 cup coconut milk, water for consistency, 1 pack truvia.

Yesterday was super lazy for us both. We took a nap and when we got up the power went out (first time in 4 years) so instead of cooking as planned we met Stacie for Mexican.  Our plans of movie rental and watching were also thwarted since the Redbox didn't work and our power was out anyway.  We came home and lit candles and read for an hour or so then the power came back on.  We finished up the Hatfields and McCoys on DVR and I finally finished my book, The Fall.

We had a busy Saturday, Clay picked me up from work that morning, we grabbed breakfast at Waffle House and then headed down to the river in Macon to get picked up by the shuttle for a 2 hour kayak trip.  The group we were with was a church group picking up trash and so the 2 hour trip ended up taking almost 4 hours.  It was very enjoyable but we were not prepared, no sunscreen and no snacks.  Clay really loved the kayak he was trying out so we got it after we were done.  I can't wait to start kayaking!  We were crazy hungry by the time we got finished but I wanted to see the pups at Petsmart before they were gone for the day so we headed over there for a few, then we continued to run errands and made it home just in time to get showered and changed before heading to the Tic Toc room for dinner. 
We had gotten a Deal Chicken for the Tic Toc room and went there for dinner.  The food was good (especially the lobster bisque) but the waitstaff a little pretentious for my liking.  I love good food and I do not mind paying for it, but I would much rather enjoy it in a comfortable environment than a stuffy, look down your nose establishment.  After dinner we drove around in search of some music or something interesting to do.  We saw a sign at Cheers for cheap crab legs and stopped there to have a pound or two only to find that they were sold out.  I was getting a wee bit tired at this point ( I had been up about 30 hours straight at this point.)  So we called it a night and headed home.

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