Monday, September 12, 2011

Ride of Doom followed by Park City

This road looks wide and safe and not not be fooled!

After hanging off the side of every curve by the skin of our teeth I had experienced about all the adrenaline rush that I could stand. I pleaded with Clay to slow down, I may or may not have cried a little. The views were incredible and being in the open air was really nice but for some reason I had just not pictured the dirt/gravel fishtail inducing snaky paths along the side of really tall mountains in an open-sided death trap. Whew! I am glad to be safely in the bed now, and I didn't die. YAY!

The reason I did not start out driving was because I thought that I would be more beneficial as the navigator. Terrible choice on my part!

Some peaceful calming

He was enjoying this just a little too much!

In efforts to keep this post tame I will just let you imagine what I was saying for the first 45 minutes of the trip while Clay was driving, it may or may not rhyme with duck.

Our trail heading up and around the mountain.

Now dubbed "evil face."

Was glad I had brought my scarf, even after putting in on my face was covered in dirt and I had all kinds of sand grit in my teeth. At least it kept my hair out of my face.

The next couple of pictures were taken at Cascade Springs. It was a stop during our ATV outing. There are multiple fresh water springs that come up in this area and the parks service built boardwalks out over them for the public. I wish we had not been on a time table and could have stayed longer to check out the fishies and mosey around some more.

After seeing this farm and many others here bale their hay in rectangles it made me wonder why we always see it in big circle bales at home....

Went to the High West Distillery in Park City. It was a neat old building, we took the tour and did the whiskey flight to sample their different whiskeys. Because it is the glorious state of Utah, the distillery has to sell its alcohol to the state and then buy it back again to be able to sell it.

Got some awesome gifts for others and ourselves at this market in Park City.

Park City, Utah

Gotta get my moose-kissing on. Although I later realized that it was a girl moose and tried to get Clay to get a kissy pic instead but he refused.

Outside the Eygptian where they show a lot of the movies at the Sundance Film Festival.

Clay finally got the hat he always wanted.

On our way home a storm started rolling in.

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  1. Awesome time for you guys. So thankful. The hat is perfect for Clay!