Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dinner Sleep Hike

I was so glad when Clay finally made it home Monday night because I was so hungry. We headed to Tucanos (Brazilian) for dinner. The picture below was taken in the shopping center where Tucanos is located.

The next morning I dropped Clay and one of the other guys off at Action Target bright and early then I came back to the hotel to determine what was on my agenda for the day.

This photo shows the back of the hotel, we have the middle balcony room that overlooks the Provo river with the mountains in the distance. In fact I am sitting in bed with the sliding door open enjoying the view and river sounds as I am posting this. We are staying at the Best Western Cottontree Inn and have been very pleased.

On the way to the hotel from Action Target this morning I noticed that there is a Great Harvest store about 2 blocks from here. I learned about them by reading Kath Yonger's blog KERF. She and her husband recently opened a Great Harvest in VA and I have drooled over many of the items that she posts on her blog. There isn't a Great Harvest near me in GA so I headed over there to try it out. I picked up a sandwich to take with me, got a pack of 6 GIANT gingersnap cookies, and they give you a free slice of bread to sample, I got the pumpkin chocolate chip (so moist and yummy!). I devoured my sandwich at Vivian State Park and wrapped up a cookie to eat as my snack along the trail. I did not see the start of the Great Western Trail that I thought was supposed to start there so I followed the rural road to South Fork Park and hunted around there for a trail.

Behind one of the campsites I found a small unmarked trail heading up the side of the mountain so I followed it up.

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