Thursday, September 8, 2011


I realized while weighing my suitcase that I have lost the equivalent of 2 suitcases packed with enough stuff for 9 days (and I am not a light packer). CRAZY!! I got on the scale first to see what I weighed with all my clothes and shoes on - 175 then I got back on holding my suitcase - 211. I had been feeling a little bad lately because even after a lot of hard work I have a roll and flab under my arms and was feeling like I had made a lot of progress for nothing. However, after holding that very large and somewhat heavy suitcase and realizing that I have lost 2 of those from my own body suddenly all the work seemed more monumental and my journey thus far a lot more impressive. Yes, I still have plenty of room for improvement and 1/2 a suitcase to go but I am encouraged by my big pink monster of a checked bag! = )

Chico and Killer staging a protest. They hate being left behind!

Chico eventually gets so indignant that he won't even look at me.

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