Sunday, September 11, 2011

Antelope Island 4

I know I keeping posting photos from Antelope Island but there were so many beautiful places there and neat things to see I had tons of pics and the upload to the blog takes a while so I have been staggering it to make it more manageable.

I climbed up to the top of this one big hill to get some photos looking out at the lake and started heading back down in a hurry since Clay was waiting. Luckily I was watching my feet because when I came around a corner a snake was poking its head out of some brush. I stopped abruptly and back up faster than I thought was possible until I was out of its reach then tried to zoom in enough to the brush to get a photo to show Clay. I had asked him earlier when we arrived on the island if he thought there were any snakes and neither of us was sure. You can just barely see him it the pic below just up and to the left of the greenery. Luckily there was another was down so I went back to the top and took the other (snakeless) trail down.

On that trail I did see a lizzard, which is ok by me!

You can see the trail winding down in the left side of this picture.

Me giving a good old hug to the buffalo.

Wouldn't want to hug this guy...he was taking a big poop, had to get a pic when I could though.

These buffalo were hanging out in the marsh.

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  1. Have you had any buffalo burgers or steak out there yet?