Saturday, September 10, 2011

Antelope Island 2 - Beach

The thousands of seagulls out here were very confused, they think this is the ocean.

More taste-testing.

It is VERY salty and tastes different than ocean water, more like throat gargling water.

Proof that we were in the salt lake, even his shadow took a dip.

It was a LONG walk out to the water, it looks like it was low tide, not sure if there are actually tides in the lake but it appeared that way. Will google that later today.

Like I said, it was a LONG walk.

The beach had sea oats just like at the ocean and the breeze was great! It was a little stinky though, think "Brunswick marsh stink".

The sand wasn't too bad, it wasn't powdery and didn't stick to your skin like beach sand. Clay said the brochure for Antelope Island stated that the sand was actually brine shrimp poop covered in minerals. Double eeeew! Glad they had showers to wash all that shrimpy excrement off.


  1. Glad you tasted it, little did you know three bus loads of kids swam and went potty in the same area 30 minutes before you guys got there, explaining the salt.

  2. Funny, I thought Clay had written "Salt Lake Doll"