Monday, April 15, 2013

Day Shift Day One

Today was the first day on my new job.  After going to bed at a very reasonable time of 9:30pm I woke up easily at 6am.  I had made egg muffins last night from a recipe I found on Pinterest.  I just heated one up in the toaster oven for both me and Clay and had that an an English muffin for breakfast.  I have been on a kick of adding orange extract to my coffee which is delicious!

The bees seem to have acclimated well to their new hive, they were busy coming and going this evening when I got home.  The azaleas and wisteria are in full bloom.  The sun was beautiful and Lily and I immediately went for a walk/jog when I got home.  Then I made an interesting sweet and garlicky slaw with figs/prunes/garlic.  It was somewhat too pungent so I think I will roast the garlic first next time and I didn't have any dates so I used prunes instead.

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