Saturday, April 20, 2013

Yard Work

We planted 2 new apple trees today in our "orchard".

Our 1st Christmas tree that we planted the first year in our new home is doing great!  It has grown a lot, just not quite quickly enough for us to hide the neighbor's tree removal equipment.

We got tree number 5 planted.  


I planted some marigolds at the front of the entryway.  I had gotten them to put in the garden to keep rabbits away but there wasn't room for them so I planted them at the house instead.

I planted all the herbs I got the other day and I found a carrot that I had planted last year in one of the containers on the back porch, just one, but I was excited about it and I had it for supper = ).  Clay and I are going to meet my friend Lindsey tomorrow to go the botanical gardens in Atlanta. 

 I am much more excited about this carrot than I should be.

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