Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Long Walk

Lily thoroughly enjoyed our off-roading down the road from the house where we found a lake, and people's houses on the lake and then we carefully snuck back into the woods.
Can't believe this lake was less than 2 miles from the house and had NO idea it was there.  I could just make out some water way down in the woods and I wasn't sure if it was a creek or lake/pond so Lily and I hiked through the woods down to it to check it out.

About 2.5 miles from the house after our road turns into a dirt road it crosses this creek, often in the summer it is just a dry bed but I could even hear it rushing from the road today.
Lily was stalking anything floating in the water.  I didn't see any minnows or anything fun for her to go after, I can't wait until she sees her first fish in the water!
She traipsed all through the woods and briars without thinking twice, before long I won't be able to get down to the creek with all the underbrush grown up. 
Lily was scared of all the dogs we encountered on our walk but at least she wasn't afraid of our shadows.

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