Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bringing home pup

On Friday we went over to Alabama to pick up our newest addition to the family.  Meet Lily Pad, our Vizsla puppy.  She was born in a litter of 12 ( 7 girls) and we got to choose.  We had watched several videos the breeder had sent and thought we had a good idea of which one we wanted, but once we started playing with all the little girls then we changed our minds a little.   We also got to see Bob and Claudia while we were there, we stopped with them for a late lunch in Anniston before picking up the puppy.

Our picks initially: I liked green, Clay liked pink, and mom liked purple.  Turns out purple won, pink was a close second though.  Green turned out to be a superior escape artist and we didn't want to always be worried that the pup was going to get out.  We stopped by Petsmart on the way home and rode Lily and Killer around in the shopping cart, she was excited to see new people and we got some toys for them both.  We also made her a little tag for her collar to make her all official and stuff.

Lily was checking out the puppy fish.  I was so excited to play with her and she and Clay had slept almost the whole ride home but it was pretty much bedtime when we got home.  She did great overnight, we were pleased with how well she adjusted.  We did however break down and decide we are going to let her sleep in the bed.  I mean really, we can't have Killer up in the bed and make Lily sleep on the floor.  I just dread the coming days of her giraffe legs kicking me in the night.  It is coming I am sure.

She is just the cutest thing!  Since she was one of 12 they are a little smaller at this age than they normally are which we were glad of.  We are hoping that will help  Killer get used to her and exert a little dominance before Lily gets too much bigger.  Killer is NOT sure about puppy yet, but I think she will warm up to her.

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