Saturday, October 27, 2012

Meet the Vet

Lily had her first check-up at the Vet yesterday.  She is so friendly and was excited about meeting all the new people.   She did well with her shot and even gave Dr. Caldwell ear kisses when he cut her toenails.  She has gained about 1.5lbs since we got her 2 weeks agoHe said everything looks good.  She has an itty bitty umbilical hernia which we are just going to watch, potentially he will fix it when we get her spayed but it may not even need to be fixed.
I talked with the trainer while we were there and she recommended that we wait until the next class starts in 3 weeks to get a little more age on her.  She is doing better on a leash and knows "suppertime" now.  Which means to go in her crate to eat.  She also is starting to recognize sit although she isn't consistent with that one.

Later on when we got home she passed out and I couldn't resist this one of her with her tongue hanging out.

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