Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rockin' Weekend

Weekend started off with a nice long 5-6 mile walk after getting off Saturday morning. Mom came up to visit and we trespassed into the beautiful woods and found this amazing clearing with the coolest rocks and moss. I may or may not have imagined that I was a fairy for a moment.

This place was so beautiful that I may have to trespass again for a picnic with the husband.

Found this cutie crossing the road on the way back. We took turns carrying him for a while and sprinkling him with our water bottle until we found a suitable spot to drop him off.

Clay is all smiles at the Rockapella concert.

Do it Rockapella!

After the concert, we walked over to Front Page News in ATL. It was beautiful patio weather and we hung out there until about 2AM and where I attempted to consume what must be the world's largest shrimp po boy. We stayed at a friends house that night and were treated to a pancake breakfast the next morning. We headed out in search of Crocs however ended up finding a better deal on the Croc website so ordered them online. I can't wait for mine to come in. I LOVE Crocs!!!

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