Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spark Challenge

1. My teeth/smile

I used to be so self-conscious about my teeth. I have very large front teeth on the top which stood out a lot more when I had a Madonnaesque gap in between them. Thanks to braces the gap is gone and other than the occasional need for whitening thanks so coffee stains I LOVE my smile. I have also made it to 27 with no cavities,which I give the credit to sugar free gum, abstinence from flossing, and good genetics. I am so thankful for the gift of braces and good dentition! I see people's photos sometimes where they are half-smiling, obvious they are embarrassed to give a big grin, and I feel so bad for them. It is great to be able to show your happiness all over your face!

2. My Hair

Not the best picture to show off my hair, but I am always wearing it up. Oh, just remembered that I have a great pic of it from my wedding...digging that up and will post now.

I love my hair red, I dyed it myself about a month before my wedding not knowing that I was going to be getting married so soon. My husband does not like my hair any color other than natural (dirty-blonde, with natural highlights). I had to go to a salon and spend 6 hours bleaching and dyeing my hair back to a more natural color for the wedding, but the pre-wedding photos were with my red hair. Regardless of the color, I love my hair. I have a thick head of fine hair, it is very straight and easy to manage.

3. My Legs

Always the relative smallest part of my body, my legs are the feature I do not mind showing off. They are strong and muscular, sometimes they have a nice tan. They are long and are part of why I am so tall.

4. My Newly Discovered Collarbones

5. Strength and Well-being

I have always liked feeling strong. I was a tom-boy: climbing trees, riding bikes, rollerblading, exploring. I like to have muscles and I would rather be strong and healthy than rail thin. I can lift heavy things at the grocery store, I do not always need help to rearrange my furniture, I can pick up my doggies (or my mom) and give them big hugs. I also have been blessed with good health, no major medical issues and I am so thankful for that. As a nurse I see every day how many people's lives are touched by devastating illness, I know how truly blessed I am.

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