Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chickpea Blondies

I found this recipe linked from RunEatRepeat and decided that I "needed" to give it a try. I am currently cycling carbs and yesterday was a low carb day so I was dying for something sweet so I got up today and whipped these up.

The recipe calls for some kind of preserve, I used grape jelly because we had that left over and I will never choose to eat it on PBandJ so I used it and Jiff peanut butter. I also subbed half the sugar with splenda. I think the whole amount could be subbed for lower calories. I need to buy a large bag of stevia sugar substitute since I am trying to get away from using splenda. I also used all whole wheat flour in the recipe except for 1tbsp of chia seeds.

They are very moist and were very good out of the oven. Have not had any cold yet. I think I would like them with some walnuts or pecans in them, but I am a fan of crunch in my sweets. I think next time I may try them with fig jam and pecans. Yum!

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