Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Need Glasses?

It had been about 5-6 years since Clay got his current pair of glasses and had been about the same amount of time since my last eye exam so we made a date together to the optometrist. I laughed at Clay because he had his eyes dilated and got to wear those super stylish sunglasses. I was polite and did not take a photo to place on here as well. I was STUNNED however when I was getting my eyes checked and the guy kept asking questions about my self proclaimed increased distance blurry vision and it was like he knew exactly how my vision was. Turns out I am a "textbook" example for needing reading glasses. I couldn't help but exclaim "How old lady!" Clay couldn't resist some jokes about me wearing one of those librarian chains for my glasses. So I found my glasses after trying on almost every pair they had: womens, mens, kids (they did not fit my big head).

I had decided not to get these because they won't match everything since they are red and I figured a black pair would be more practical.

I couldn't decided between 2 pair of black ones and sent the pics to Ally and she agreed with me that they smaller ones were better so these are going to be my first pair of glasses. I lucked out though and they were on sale, so I got the red pair that I really loved for the same price as adding the insurance, and I will have an awesome back up pair.

In other news, Clay ordered a new pair of awesomely hot blue and black framed Randy Jackson glasses. They have a set that has longer arms on the sides and fit Clay's unusually large head to a T. He did not however buy the signature Randy Jackson cardigan that I suggested to go with.

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