Monday, July 16, 2012

Kayak Trip with Friends

On Saturday we loaded up the Kayaks and Latoya came down with her 2 kayaks (one for her one for Lauren) and we went down to Macon to paddle the easy peasy stretch of the Ocmulgee.   It was Hot by the time we got ready to go.  There were a group of tubing folks getting in behind us and I was thinking that they had the idea.

There was a breeze though and enough shade along the sides of the river that we could get out of the sun from time to time.  The water level was a good bit higher than the time we went before and the current helped send us along.   The clouds were absolutely beautiful Saturday!  Perfect day for outdoor fun. 

It was bright and a lot of squinting went on (I do not like sunglasses for some reason.)  Clay was tickled pink that we had a calm section of river and we only beached 1 time.  That was a welcome change after our last adventure!
We stopped on a sandy area and had our picnic lunch, it was Latoya's first MRE.  Only Clay was in the mood for swimming so we loaded back up and headed downstream again.

Lauren apparently likes to have pictures of bridges she goes under so I snapped a couple of pictures for her and they were actually kind of neat.  This is where I-16 crosses the river in Macon, Ga.  
It took us about 4 hours total to finish this section with very limited paddling and a long stop for lunch.   We had a nice trip!  We even saw a little bit of wildlife (heron, garr, one big catfish, turtles, and other little fish).

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