Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Job and Marathon Training

There is a lot going on currently in our household right now.  My new job started last night and it is a complete departure from what I am used to and comfortable with so it will take a LOT of getting used to.  I work again tonight but I am on another floor just to add insult to injury.  The good news is that everyone else is just as lost as I am!  I decided while I was in the midst of this big change it would be good for me mentally (for stress relief) and physically (because I have been gaining back a few pounds) to go ahead and start on my marathon training program although I haven't decided which marathon I want to run this fall.  I am thinking about the Columbus one since I heard it is pretty flat.  Day 2 down, 88 days to go = )

We are going to be getting another dog soon.  In the next couple of months we will be getting a Vizsla puppy.  I found out about this wonderful breed from a blog that I frequently read called PB Fingers.  They are usually water-loving dogs so that got Clay's attention, they like to be active which got my attention, and they are big cuddlers which both of us appreciated.  We are excited to have a playmate for Killer and an activity buddy for both of us.

We have been waiting several weeks now for an appraisal on the house (we are trying to refinance at a much lower rate) however the appraiser has yet to make an appointment although we have talked to our contact at the bank every week letting them know that we haven't been scheduled.  Hopefully that will straighten itself out soon. 

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