Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Recipe

After I stepped outside to this beautiful day I decided that I needed to make some fresh LEMONADE. Plus the momster is coming to visit today and Clay has a job interview - great day for lemonade huh? So while in the freshy fresh mood I was cutting up some fresh pineapple and realized that I had some cilantro in the fridge too, after adding a few more items I ended up with this super easy fantastically light tasting salad. This would be even better with a little onion, but I think I will add it right when I am about to eat it.

1/2 fresh cored pineapple diced small

2 long celery stalk diced small

1 rinsed can chick peas

fresh cilantro to taste

Wow! Can you believe it was that easy to make? We couldn't either...we were SHOCKED!!

More fun photos from mine and Ally's crazy cheeseburger yelling weekend.

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